Our Leadership

Diocesan Bishop: The Right Reverend Dr. Geoffrey Peddle

Parish Deacon:

The Reverend William Strong

The Reverend Dr. Bonnie Morgan

Rector’s Warden: Mr. Jim Howell
People’s Warden: Mr. Albert Morgan
Treasurer: Mr. Raymond Gregory
Office Administrator: Mr. Jack Morgan
Vestry: Mr. Max Bonnell
Ms. Debbie Bradbury
Mr. Herb Dawe
Mr. Ralph Drover
Ms. Betty Howell
Ms. Marg Morgan
Ms. Pam St. Croix
Mr. Jerry Scott
Ms. Annette Stone
Mr. Jerry White
Ms. Michele Young
Synod Delegates: Mr. Jerry White
Mr. Raymond Gregory
President, Anglican Church Women: Ms. Betty Howell
Directress, Altar Guild: Ms. Karen Jones
Chair, Cemetery Committee: Mr. Albert Morgan
Company Commander, CLB Captain Sandy Dinham
Coordinator, Godly Play Program: Ms. Cathy Lawlor
President, Men’s Fellowship Club: Mr. Bob Hilliard
Organist/Choir Director: Ms. Andrea Powell-Crosbie


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