Godly Play

St. Peter’s has been offering Godly Play as part of our children’s ministry since September 2011.  The Godly Play philosophy emphasizes each child as a valuable member of the church community, deserving the same respect, and opportunity to engage in meaningful worship and to encounter God’s word, as is offered to adult members of the congregation.  The St. Peter’s community has shown outstanding support to this program by providing a dedicated Godly Play space and hand-crafted story-telling objects. Volunteers serve as Storytellers, accredited by Godly Play Canada, as well as Doorkeepers and helpers. Our Godly Play sessions, offered during 10:30 Sunday morning worship services, consist of:


  • Greeting and Gathering the Community of Children (Building the Circle)
  • Storytelling (Sacred Stories, Parables or Liturgical Action, using the Montessori Method)
  • Wondering (Children consider how the story relates to God in their own lives)
  • Working (Free time for crafts, reading, or quiet play in response to storytelling)
  • Thanksgiving (Children tidy room, then gather for a Feast of biscuits and juice)
  • Blessing and Dismissal (Parents/Caregivers arrive)


For more information on the Godly Play method and approach see the Godly Play website at www.godlyplay.org.

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